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NJ Governor’s Race: Horserace or Aspirations for Real Change?

November 1, 2009 3 comments

I was recently having a business breakfast with several colleagues. Of course, the conversation turned to the imminent New Jersey Governor’s race. I mentioned that I supported Chris Daggett, the independent candidate for governor. Bob, one of my colleagues, replied that he liked Daggett, but wouldn’t vote for him because simply because “Daggett can’t win.” However, he then proceeded to rant and rave about the corruption in the state.

I needed to remind Bob that voting is about indicating your preference, not about picking winners in a horserace. People say they want change, yet seem unwilling to abandon the very corrupt institutions that they complain about.

John Corzine is clearly in the pocket of the unions. And while I don’t have any particular quarrel with the unions per se, a governor should not be tied to such a special interest. Mr. Christie, the Republican challenger, has reverted to the “promise them everything” approach, He has promised to improve almost everything in the state, while lowering taxes. This means more borrowing and fiscal irresponsibility. Neither candidate offers change. An independent such as Chris Daggett will not be tied to the same moneyed special interests as candidates from the major parties. What an amazing signal electing Daggett would send to the two major parties.

If people want change, they must indicate the desire for real change, not just the lesser of two evils. By the way, I spoke to Bob the other day. He says he’s now voting for Chris Daggett. Maybe there is hope for real change.

On November 3rd, I would encourage everyone to send a message to our state and country that we want real changes, not slogans and empty promises.

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