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It’s Time to Override Federal Corruption

Corruption is as old as politics itself. However, in the U.S. during the last six years, corruption has been on a steroid called Citizens United. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that money (campaign donations) were an expression of free speech, just as burning the flag might be. However, they were WRONG. Unrestricted donations are nothing more than legalized bribery.

us-constitutionOur Constitution begins with the phrase, “We the People.” Not we the corporations. Not we the unions. Not we the moneyed special interest groups. Now, We the People must stand up and fight for the restoration of our democracy.

I suspect that most people who went into politics, did it with a sense of doing good things for our country. Even those narcissists believe they are there to do some good. However, the enormous financial requirements for getting elected bends their thinking like a black hole bends light. Calling politician corrupt–and many are–is not the answer. We must change the game that encourages corruption.

The members of Congress will never pass a law to override Citizens United. Even if they did, the Supreme Court might strike it down. So, We the People must go to the top, the U.S. Constitution with a new amendment:

The Democracy Restoration Amendment

Section 1.

No organization, regardless of type, may donate money, assets or services to a specific political candidate’s campaign for public office.

Section 2.

Organizations may publicly advocate for themselves and their causes. However, in doing so, they may not endorse or reject, any candidate or party, directly or indirectly. No words, symbols, sounds, images or other means or methods may be used to imply such an endorsement or rejection.

Section 3.

Only individual citizens may donate to a political candidate’s campaign. It is illegal for one individual to transfer funds to another individual for the specific purpose of donating to a political campaign. No individual may donate more than the equivalent of five percent of the average resident’s income to a political candidate’s campaign.

Section 4.

No non-citizen or non-American entity may donate money, assets or services to a political party or candidate’s campaign for public office.

If this amendment makes sense to you, support it. Write to your members of Congress. Promote it to others through social media and in person. Let this be our patriotic act and gift to the future of America. Help us take back our country!

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  1. Fred Nordstrom
    July 21, 2016 at 3:46 pm

    For the most part, I heartily support this.

    The question I have is how do you define the average resident? I suggest using 5% of the national median income.

    I also think a better title would be “Campaign Finance Reform Amendment,” that’s more specific. The Democracy Restoration Amendment is too vague.

    • njcentrist
      July 27, 2016 at 8:26 pm

      . That’s exactly the type of feedback I was looking for. Thank you for the thoughtful comments.

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