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Let the Madness Begin

Ted Cruz has formally announced his candidacy for President of the Unites States at Liberty University. And all the red-meat evangelicals are about to have an orgasm, metaphorically. In the coming months, more Republicans will take turns trying to convince the right-wing base that they each are the True Conservative Messiah. But let’s be honest. It’s all about how hard they bash Obama.

It’s a given that I’m not fan of the Chicago-style of politics that Barack Obama brought to Washington. He created a level of polarization rarely seen in Washington. And that’s saying something. Obama has boldly told more lies than I can count. Not that he invented presidential lying. Here’s just a few favorites:

  • Reagan: “I didn’t trade arms for hostages.”
  • Bush 41: “Read my lips: No new taxes.”
  • Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
  • Bush 43: “Saddam has WMDs.”
  • Obama: “If you like your heath insurance, you can keep it.”

Would a President Cruz lie to us? Probably. It seems almost a requirement of the job. But he also brings something else, a smarmy batshit-crazy aura. Denying climate change. Wanting to shutdown the government. And remember Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham on the floor of the Senate?

But I’m sure stranger things have happened on the Floor of the Senate, but do we really need that stuff in the White House? Where is the adult supervision? Have both parties locked up all the adults somewhere?

In the upcoming election, I will probably not take sides, not out of objectivity or “fairness,” just out of not trusting any of the candidates.

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