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How is Obamacare like a 2×4?

I haven’t been posting lately, primarily because I’ve had to focus on supporting my family. With two kids in college, it has taken all my efforts.  Given the state of politics, I’ve had to resist posting on my Centrist beliefs.

However, recent events have changed that, because the politics have become very personal, as you’ll see below.

A retired gentleman I know was raving how wonderful Obamacare was. When I disagreed, he responded with a certain amount of condescension in his voice saying I “just simply didn’t understand.”

Well, here is what I do understand:

Number 1: The President made healthcare reform his signature legislation. It was his holy grail. He repeatedly said “If you like your insurance coverage, you can keep it.” If he mistakenly said it once or twice, you could give him a pass and say he misspoke. However, he repeated this sentiment repeatedly in speech after speech. That makes him a liar. The only other explanation is that he and his team are so incompetent, they had no idea what they were doing. I let you choose.

Number 2: Like many Americans who thought their insurance was quite good, I received the policy cancellation notice. Apparently, my post-menopausal wife needs birth control. So Mr. President, you better get a fire extinguisher fast. Your pants are igniting.

Number 3: My wife who works for a small medical practice will be losing her job. The Affordable Care Act is not small practice friendly. There are fines and fees for not complying with Obamacare. This has led to the development of Medical-mafia groups who are trying to put the squeeze on the small providers, sort of like a protection racket. Obamacare is deadly to small practices.

Number 4: Of all the people who are Pro-Obamacare, almost none of them are actually affected by the law. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and other members of government have their separate government insurance, and thus aren’t subject to it. Rich liberals (and conservatives) are immune to it because either they maintain high quality insurance already, or pay fee for services. Retirees are already on Medicare, so they also are unaffected. Yes, there are the poor who benefit, but they already have Medicaid. That leaves the working middle class who have been driven closer to the poverty line.

So the next time someone tells me I “just don’t understand Obamacare,” I’m going shove a 2×4 up their ass, and tell them “they just don’t understand lumber.”

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